Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Rewarding Experience

My name is Holly, I have been smoking since I was 18years old and now I am 25years old and ready to live a healthier life. Bad habits are REALLY HARD to break.

I would like to share my experience with everyone who will listen because we all struggle with bad habits!

I am on Day #4 of quiting smoking and it is so tough.

**Yesterday I started Jogging and grocery shopped for healthier foods. I believe this will create a better habit to distract me and keep me from gaining the extra pounds that come with quiting smoking.

**We can do anything we put our mind to** Cliche, I know but it is the truth!

*If I aim to accomplish anything, I have to really want it, then DO IT!

*Make this a rewarding experience!
I decided to put aside $4 a day (what I would spend on cigerettes) and save up for something I really want.
I want a new swimsuit that I look good in so that is where exercising and not smoking is my reward.

I will continue this as the days go by and I am learning to be a healthier me!